We are following the situation very closely from the guidelines in place with the city and province.

At this point we have not cancelled the season, as we are hopeful that we might be able to have
a modified or shorter season with some changes to format etc.

If we do in fact cancel the season, we will be in touch with the registration as a whole.

Take care, be safe and we will be in touch with everyone soon.


West Hamilton Youth Floorball




Floorball is a fun fast paced game that kids of all ages can enjoy.

Our game is played indoors at Coronation Arena. We play with a light stick and a light weight ball that allows any skill level player the ability to pick it up quickly. Since our program is based on progression, even kids as young as 2 can play! Start up is easy since players are running and have no bulky equipment slowing them down!

We use smaller game areas (Divide the rink into 3) so the kids spend more time with the ball than not and running long distances without. This small game helps with their agility, transition and keeps them engaged since they are always fairly close to the play. All our games start with a 10 minute unstructured fun time where players shoot, pass & stick handle on their own. This is followed by a quick progressive drill and then GAME ON!

U7 – U19 play a fun full competitive game with teams, goalies and a referee to help with the rules and flow of the game.

Our mini floorballers U3 and U5 are kept very busy playing lots of unique fun games to keep them engaged the whole hour.

And of course we have an adult league – Tuesdays for Women and Thursdays for Men where parents, university students etc play a very fun game at 9pm!

NEW THIS YEARTeam Hour – Bring your group in for your OWN GAME. We supply the goalies, refs and space.




If you have any further questions, please email info@westdalefloorball.com and we would be happy to answer any and all inquires.

Better your hockey skills (Time and space), or if you don’t play hockey, learn to play the fundamentals with a lighter stick, and increased hand eye control!

Running shoes, shorts (T-Shirt Supplied), hockey helmet with cage, protective gloves and floorball stick is all that is needed.

No checking, no stick lifts or presses, no jumping, ball cannot hit your head, arm, no grabbing the ball…all of these small rules create a much safer game that is fast paced and really fun!

No set team, so can’t make one week, no worries.